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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose us?


The answer is simply: because we have the best prices and we have the best staff to do the job.


What happens after I made the payment?

After a payment it’s made, we need up to 12 hours (usually is less than that) to confirm the payment and sent you a form with all the informations we need.

Can someone tell the reviews are not real?

We post every review from a different IP address, we always use different aliases and we create unique content in form of short stories (between 20 and 100 words). This makes impossible for anyone (even the review sites owners) to tell if they are posted by us.

What package do I need?

Email us the problem you need to solve and the budget you want to spend.

Can solve my reputation problem overnight?

Absolutely not! You should not believe this kind of fake promises, because there are many fraudulent marketers. The factors that affects the length of the process:
– the strength of any negative search results
– the level of aggressiveness required
– the amount of positive content to be generated
For most of our clients we solved repaired the reputation within 1-2 months. Reputation Management is a campaign, not a onetime short solution so as long as you have an online presence reputation management will be a concern.

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